Find out how much you can save with Saarthi’s Pretrained AI Agents for almost every contact center usecase.

Our ROI calculator will lay out potential advantages on time, savings, revenue and operational efficiency when you run your customer experience through multilingual virtual assistants.

Discover how conversational automation of calls and chats will:

  • playIcon Reduce Inquiries and Service Requests
  • playIcon Cut millions of dollars in costs
  • playIcon Increase calling capacity
  • playIcon Decrease average handling time
  • playIcon Increase First Contact Resolutions
  • playIcon Increase CSAT points
  • playIcon Give agents a better work life balance
  • playIcon Help you analyze and improve service quality

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Native language technology and intensive knowledge of functional workflows and dialog structures help streamline many routine tasks thus reducing turnaround times (TAT) and while creating positive employee experiences.



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