Next-gen AI Communication Platform for 25% faster and 10x affordable Debt Collections.

Deflect 90% customer interactions to pretrained Multilingual Contact Center AI Agents

Save 30% on operating costs, scale fast and craft memorable experiences.


Power interactions with AI that
understands and talks in Customer's Language

Inbound Conversational IVR

Replace DTMF systems and augment contact center staff with Conversational AI Assistants

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    No queue time
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    More first call resolution for L1 & L2 support
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    Better CSAT

Outbound Interactive Robocaller

Human sounding interactive robocallers make timely calls for promotions, debt collections and more

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    Increase your calling capacity
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    Higher operational efficiency
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    More profits

Contact Center Analytics

Extract critical business insights from communications

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    Never lose information
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    No more wasting time on getting staff to monitor 1% of calls. Analyze 100% calls.
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    Turn your cost center into a value center

Voice: The Future is Now

Our Conversational AI platform has always been voice-first!

Going one step further, we pioneered the voice-first interface for Conversational Applications. We applied it to build a novel multilingual AI receptionist for Omni Hospitals. Now, patients interact with hospitals and labs using voice for all non-medical queries. They also get a "Hey Siri" like experience but with custom wake words which are brand names. This helped Omni Hospitals create a unique digital identity and differentiated user experience.

Good news - It's currently available across various industries and domains via SDKs. Blend true Voice AI into your apps and websites for immersive user experiences.


Our voice-first multilingual AI platform has inbuilt domain expertise and learns continuously

We transform your contact center and adapt to every change with automation that's unbelievably quick, reliable and human-like

Experience the difference

What makes Saarthi the preferred voice of business communications

We help you build trusted and personalized relations cost-effectively

Calculate ROI
Save more than 30% on agent costs
Minimal investment on infrastructure
Unique voice identity
Increase FCR and CSAT
Delight multilingual customers
Integration within 7 days

Customer Obsessed enterprises trust to power differentiated experiences.

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Join the revolution to build the truly voice first Contact Center AI ecosystem.

Our partners rely on us for multilingual conversational AI when futurizing their clients’ customer experience.

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Millions of customers are interacting with enterprises seamlessly using Conversational AI powered by

Start unlocking the true potential of your contact centers today. Let's talk !

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The preferred voice of business communication.

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